Welcome to the miniature world!


Minimagine was created to help adult collectors build awesome dioramas for fashion dolls.

You will find here roomboxes, furniture and accessories for 10-13″ fashion dolls. 

That’s all that you need to set a great diorama and take nice photos. Have fun!

Why to choose items from Minimagine?

Hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.


Furniture and roomboxes are available in Etsy shop. There are over 400 five-star reviews therefrom. Here are a few of them. More reviews you can find here.


  • great attention to detail
  • high quality workmanship
  • well suited to 1:6 scale dolls
  • finely crafted
  • packaged with care and shipped quickly
  • great design
  • look fabulous in diorama
  • excellent quality
  • very smart construction
  • smooth finished
  • perfectly scaled
  • beautifully made
  • so much fun to play with.


Your dolls need a beautiful room.


Minimagine mainly offers roomboxes. They are in modular system what means that each room consists of separate walls and floors that can be exchanged with others in the same size. It allows to build single rooms and to join them with another one (into double or triple rooms). The roomboxes are also easy to assemble (and to disassemble for storage). 


Items by Minimagine are high quality: carefully finished and made of sturdy materials (not balsa wood or foamboard). They are designed by doll collector for adult recipients. The roomboxes and furniture look realistic because they fit the doll scale and are made of real materials (wooden floor, glass window panes).


More new roomboxes soon.

Where to buy?


Items made by Minimagine are available in the shop. You can also purchase roomboxes directly.

The best way to be notified when new items are in the shop is to sign up for the mailing list.